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"Rising Sun"

Tote Bag

£7 Appliqué and patchwork tote bag
Kittybag Shopper £7
Yo Yo Bag £7 Zip fronted shoulder bag with alternative placements.

"Under the Sea"

Beach bag

£7 Patchwork and appliqué in fishy design
"Rail fence"

Shoulder bag

£7 Shoulder bag with discrete pockets.
"Teddy Tote

Child's tote bag.

£7 Has front pocket 'bed' for doll or teddy.
"Trick or Treat"

One patchwork one appliqué

"Island Hidaway"

Patchwork and Appliqué

"Christmas Tote"

Patchwork and appliqué

£7         Christmas or fairy bag
Stripey Bag £7

Large bag, 12 x 16 inches with side pockets

Fundraisers £7